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Our dynamic range of activation services bring about experiential activations and custom merchandise converge, making your brand come to life in ways that captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impact.

Powerful Experiences, Seamless Execution

Minto goes beyond event planning; we craft powerful experiences that seamlessly integrate your brand's essence. 

Licensed Character Magic

magine infusing your event with the charm of Minto's licensed characters that transform your event into a captivating journey inspired by beloved characters, adding a touch of magic and familiarity that resonates with your audience.

Branded Merchandise Brilliance

From limited-edition collectibles to practical giveaways, we have formed a network of merchandise production partners over our course of business growth that can fulfill your specific needs.

Tailored Audience Engagement

By incorporating Minto's licensed characters as themes, we tailor activations and merchandise to align perfectly with your target demographic, enhancing attendee engagement and fostering meaningful connections.

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Character as a Centerpiece of Integrated Campaign

Integrated Campaign

Exposition of Internet


Reducing Negative Comments on Social Media

Social Media

Mimi and Neko

Character Design

Exposition of Internet

Character Design


Character Design

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If you want to build a brand mascot and a comprehensive marketing plan, leave your information below. Minto will contact the consultant as soon as possible

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